Production Tips

Irv Gotti Interview: Advice To New Artists

Murda Inc. head Irv Gottit talks about the importance of DJ’s , promoting your music, and advice for new artists.  Towards the end he stresses the importance of loving what you do, especially with the record industry becoming increasingly difficult.

Beat Making And Production Thoughts: Homework

Are you keeping up with music trends and constantly improving your knowledge?   It’s only natural to forget things or let certain skills slide after not using them for a while.  It’s even easier to delude yourself into thinking that creativity is all that matters and that you already have the necessary technical training to make … Read more

Basic Digital Audio Recording Theory And Concepts

I’ve always believed that theoretical topics have very important practical applications, especially when it comes to recording sound.  For many aspiring musicians and producers, having a functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is enough to suffice, but for those who really want to take their recording to the next level, it is necessary to have at … Read more

9th Wonder And Murs Talk About Fruity Loops And Soulful Beats

9th Wonder talks about his reasons for using Fruity Loops, beatmakers who disrespect his production style, and critics who attempt to define his sound.  He also talks about working with different artists and cerebral vs. soulful approaches to making music.  Note:  9th admits to jacking  open drums from other producer’s records…. hmmm.

Bob Power Interview: Production, Creativity, and Logic Studio

Zoom-In Online presents award winning engineering wizard Bob Power as he details the various incarnations of music producers, his personal musical evolution, and the importance of ongoing education and improvement.  Power also goes in detail about the creative virtues of Macintosh and working with Apple’s Logic Studio 8. If you don’t recognize his name yet, … Read more

45 King Offers Production Advice

45 King serves up a little production advice along with insight into how he made the beats for Eminem’s “Stan”, Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life”, Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First”, Latee’s “This Cuts Got Flavor, and his own “The 900 Number”. Perhaps the best advice was that “sometimes it’s just luck”… after all, the beat for … Read more

Talkbox Basics – Tutorial And FAQ

This one is long, but it’s worth it. DJ Mpact breaks down just about everything having to do with the talkbox including recommended equipment, usage, plus a breakdown of the style and playing techniques used by Roger Troutman. Also visit The Talkbox FAQ and pic up a few notes about how to get the authentic … Read more