Beat Making And Production Thoughts: Homework


Are you keeping up with music trends and constantly improving your knowledge?   It’s only natural to forget things or let certain skills slide after not using them for a while.  It’s even easier to delude yourself into thinking that creativity is all that matters and that you already have the necessary technical training to make professional quality music.  I remember hearing a while back that even Pete Rock occasionally reviews his MPC manual to pick up features or workflows that he may have previously missed.  If the official spokesperson for the Akai still reads the user manual, what should you be doing?  I’d be curious to hear what areas of improvement readers are looking to address. 

Are there any production homework assignments that you’re currently working on?

453 thoughts on “Beat Making And Production Thoughts: Homework”

  1. SEQ EDIT experiments. Besides copying bars, there’s very little I do within that mode. So just a few days ago I was, and have been, crawling through chapter 4 for the mpc1k…

  2. sometimes it seems like everything I do on the fricken MPC is an experiment. Lately I’ll spend like 2 hours on it and then realize I hate what I’ve done, but at least I was messing around with different bar lengths or something.

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