Crate Digging

$12,500 Record Cabinet by Atocha

The Record Cabinet by Atocha Design boasts 6 vinyl drawers, four CD drawers, and comes with a $12,500 price tag.  With each piece being custom made to order, each drawer holds 95 LPs  upright in soft-touch gliding drawers.  Just throw in the $24,000 Avid Acutus reference turntable and you’re ready to roll.

Questlove’s Digital Crate Digging

You thought you were the only one having some fun with digital digging? Notable Quote: "Aiight, hit me back in a second. I gotta make a beat man, I’m hyped."

WFMU Record + CD Fair

A major digging event is going down!  NYC area residents and beyond will need to mark their calendars for this event.  The WFMU & CD Fair has a reputation as being an ultra serious digging event with the chance of dramatically improving your collection from a wimpy stack of records into a tasteful vinyl dream. … Read more

Bobbito Garcia Talks Serato + Rejected Organized Konfusion Demo Tape

"Pro basketball player, world renowned DJ, music journalist, Rock Steady Crew alumni, actor, magazine publisher, TV & commerical host, author, photographer…"  Anyone else feeling lazy?

Jeff Staple presents us with a short piece about one of hip-hop’s favorite true-school figures, Bobbito Garcia, as he talks about the soul of music, Serato, and respect for the original architects.  He even digs up a copy of an original Organized Konfusion demo tape that was passed over by Russell Simmons!  I can only imagine the history that would have been made with a young Pharoahe Monch signed to Def Jam.

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Record Rama: The Worlds Largest Record Collection (Video)

Record collector, store owner, and archivist Paul Mawhinney is credited as having the largest private record collection in the world.  With over 1 million albums and 1 1/2 million singles the Library of Congress estimates that only 17 percent of the music in his archive is available on CD.

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Eliot Lipp Causes Analog Gear & Record Lust

Producer Eliot Lipp talks about his start in music and takes us into his studio to show off his crazy collection of analog gear including: Jomox XBase-09 MFB Synth-II Plan B modular synths Atari Synthcart Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Wurlitzer Electric Piano I love his attitude about making music for yourself and completing instrumental compositions.  There’s … Read more