Bryan-Michael Cox On NI Kore 2, Battery, Kontakt

Bryan-Michael Cox drops his views about software, first touching a MPC, and learning the all angles of hardware software and hardware based music making.  Cox also lists his most used tools (Battery, Kontakt, Kore) and discusses his process for working through sounds.

841 thoughts on “Bryan-Michael Cox On NI Kore 2, Battery, Kontakt”

  1. Nah brian micheal cox is dope he’s killing the radio right now and the work he does for badboy is crazy ! he is one of the rare producers who gets his grown man on with production . nawaday’s expecially with the soldier boy are makes me appreciate what he does. he plays the hell out of a piano trust me. ya’ll ever heard of amedeaus.similar style and there’s another cat out there called darkchild.these guys arent fruity loops producers . they are musicians first.they play musical instruments .

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