Akai APC40 Ableton Controller Unboxed

605 thoughts on “Akai APC40 Ableton Controller Unboxed”

  1. i hope he desnt think he’s making music. the program looks stupid and the controller looks stupid. i liked the mpk 49 better and reason your straight !

  2. @tony traxx
    Ableton Live is actually a very robust program, which the APC40 was specifically engineered to be compatible with. Many different musicians, including Crate Kings forum members, have been doing some amazing things with the software.

  3. did it come with those loops? or is that your collection of loops and if so where do you get your sounds and loops? im stoked i get mine at the end of this month!!!

  4. The program looks stupid? You’re a fool. Live is not only a loop-runner. its also an awesome DAW, you know, multi-tracker, the kind that bands use to record and mix songs? You’re either some old guitar purist, or more, likely, some spoiled litle dj who couldn’t make a decent house track of his own to save his life.
    Grow up fast or your music career will be non-existent.

  5. oh yeah, reason is a cool program, as long as you rewire into another program, because the 2-track out is useless for recording. The matrix is great, but the song sequencer redefines annoying and overwrought. I suffered through it a while, got a couple of good tracks, and then never wanted to see it again. Rewire into Live and deal with everything there, though the mastering/eq in Reason is pretty cool. Live is so much easier for laying out songs…Reason adding Record sounds like a dead end to me. What they should be doing is adding effects loops to the multiple outs. It has to be done all by hand but its a template, so what the hey. Reason should focus on more sound generation, and give up on tracking and song sequencing. They lost that race, and not just to Live, but ProTools, Logic, etc.

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