Marvin’s Room Recording Studio Gallery

Officially filed under recording studios to drool over. Marvin’s Room, formerly known as Marvin Gaye Studios, is where many of the artist’s greatest hits were recorded. The restored studio includes recording facilities, living quarters, and even a basketball court. Check out the equipment list and photo gallery, then go get motivated!

Breakdown Records Video Tour (Queens)

DJ Funktuall gives viewers a tour of Breakdown Records, which is located in Flushing Queens. All albums in the store are $2, but, according to Funktuall, the best stuff is on eBay. Yes, there are even records in the bathroom. Watch the whole video tour, it gets a little ridiculous.

Beat Lounge Beat Battle (Cincinnati)

Kontrax, founder of the Beat Lounge Beat Battle, and producer Yon L.I. talk about the Cincinnati hip-hop production scene and the importance of beat battles. Visit Beat Lounge on Facebook for more info about upcoming events.

Beatroot History Lesson w/ Kavet The Catalyst

Kavet The Catalyst, founder of of BeatRoot, takes viewers inside of LS Lab to talk learning production out of necessity and eventually founding Hawaii’s premier producer event. Shout out to Upstairs Records, which used to advertise in all of the hip-hop magazines. This is where I too purchased my first belt driven Gemini turntables and … Read more