Bling47 Breaks w/ Waajeed – The Sounds of Love

17 thoughts on “Bling47 Breaks w/ Waajeed – The Sounds of Love”

  1. He really goes there when he revisits a J. Dilla sample. I’m a big fan and it’s hard to impress me since nothing is ever quite like the real deal from an original talent. Waajeed puts the passion into it and brings out something special in this beloved stash. I love The Sounds of Love…A to Zzzz and I’m ready to see what else he’ll do.

  2. Nice Vid! Thi post reminds me of the used record store in my little town, presided over by a crazy guy who refuses to help customers fin anything because he’s spent so much time organizing his collection that he gets pissed when people are too lazy to dig through the crates, hahha… he also has a secret section with all the best stuff too!! tehee… long live vinyl!

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