Zaytoven On Producing Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane

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    • *cosign…..

      i like music that has soul….i like music that makes u feel good.

      his shit is bland…fuck that…

  1. cirus shit? usher r &b clown?


    u crate diggin mutha fucka hate err body that dont dig i bet u think timbaland is the devil lmao

    • Coming from someone who’d rather be known for “being kool” than to be in school so he can learn how to effing spell.


  2. u crate diggin mutha fucka hate err body that dont dig i bet u think timbaland is the devil lmao


    timbo digs harder than anyone, he just doesnt flip soul soul samples. Check his tracks they are almost all samples (how you dont know that would explain why you like this music no shots just an observation) What i dont get is you literally have access to any instrumen in history with soft synths and this is the creative result. These are keyboard beats but hey i dont get guccis appeal anyway, at all. Unless you have really bad taste in music and are in the specical class but hey this is for suburban tweens who actually buy music. Why does all this ish come from and around atown and now jezzy on these tracks he should really get back to tomp imo.

  3. Yea, you can find me up in the record store. I got nothing against producers that don’t dig. As Silas said, you have access to a ridiculous amount of sounds with these soft synths. And when you come out with some bubblegum bullshit, I’m not gonna be feelin’ it.

    -Crate Diggin’ Mothafucka.

  4. Man im a producer and i must say beat makers are the worst critics ever,ya’ll are the real reason music sucks,so worried about the next mans sound and never focused n doin “you”,its all about the finished product,dude got his own sund and the people respond,he may not win no beat battles(like where does those actually get you anyway lol idiots make a fuckin hit song,beats where made to accompany lyrics,wtf is this, jazz)but his MUSIC MAKES THE ARTIST AND SONG SOUND GOOD,WHICH IS THE POINT OF GOING IN THE STUDIO,TO MAKE HIT RECORDS ,un like you soundclick clones,he actually has his own sound,man i cant stand you f’n internet producing nerds,this is how one ofyou sound example:music nerd:”what do you use,i use pro ools and reason and yet my shit still is wack as fuck and no one in the industry likes my music so ima hate on the guy who uses fl studio but yet his beats are better and hate fl studio because it makes sequencing faster ” and for the record just because some ones goes against the grain with their music doesnt make that shit good

  5. And another thing,you all should feel insecure if you are as good as you claim to be because his”keyboard beats”get placement……..and yours dont….lol…i mean jordan isnt gonna let mugsy bogues dunk on him right?

  6. I have a feeling you people who are criticizing Zaytoven don’t really listen to his stuff. Some of his beats are really on another level and he’s one of the few hip-hop producers I’ve heard to play with tempo shifts. He is a damn good musician. Just so you know, this is coming from a pretty obsessive crate digger who loves Dilla and Pete Rock as much as the rest of you. They’re simply different styles.

  7. why does everything have to be sampled? like for fuck sake just cuz he does not sample does not mean he sucks. I sample i have to give credit to all these producers who do original shit. but we sample based producers are too ignorant. i just realized

  8. nobody is hating due got paid good for him that not the point sample no sample who cares, whether he is a good musician or not irrelevant. The beats he is famous for are the ones gucci has been on and they are equal in every way to guccis lyricism and rhyme scheme. That is the point, burrrr.

  9. Every ones a critic huh lol.. Do you! Zay doin him and making music that catches the people ear. What have some of you done???? NOTHING AT ALL
    Besides hate on the next man cuz his shit hot and nobody wants to listen to your shit!!! If you guys who downing Zay music and think yo shit harder or rawer, Prove It. Go get yo shit played on the radio right now. Go to church like Zay do and play the organ and see if you can give the people the Holy Ghost. Go put a placement on your Beats and see if the industry give you feed back. If you aint doin that shit at all, not even close to or WONT… Do one thing, SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!!!!! Fuckin lame bitch gay ass Fuck boi nerdy producing criticizing fags. Get some were in life THEN JUST MAYBE you might get heard….

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