MPC2500 Gutted & Deconstructed

1,589 thoughts on “MPC2500 Gutted & Deconstructed”

  1. What the hell was the point of this! I’m sure he had a good reason for doing this, but what the hell makes you think anyone would wanna watch this!!! Stop wastin my time with vids like this!

  2. was interesting! pretty nice to see, but why the hell did he do this.. he coukd ust open the back without deinstalling the front first…ye but the diamond story sounds good to me..haha

  3. i bought a 2500 brand new like 2 years ago, and there’s already many buttons that still works, but let’s say not flawlessly, so i might have to do that at some point. Ok obviously not that much but still it was interesting to watch and i am looking forward to see the next video !

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