Vocal Beater Beatbox To MiDI iPhone App (Giveaway)


Never again lose an idea for a drum patter when away from your production equipment. We’re giving away 3 copies of Vocal Beater, an app for the iPhone/iPod touch that allows users to turn an on-the-go vocal beat box into a velocity sensitive MIDI file, which can then be emailed and loaded in the application of your choice.

How To Win:

  1. Leave a comment with the name of your favorite beat boxing specialist.
  2. A comment will be chosen at random.

A winner will be chosen on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 3pm EST.

Vocal Beater is available for $2.99. Visit iTunes to grab the app or get more info.

Hit the break for a promo video featuring Exile, Tokimonsta, and Mike Gao’s beatboxing dog!

1,403 thoughts on “Vocal Beater Beatbox To MiDI iPhone App (Giveaway)”

  1. Darren Robinson AKA Buffy….AKA Most Notably…
    ” THE HUMAN BEAT BOX ” from the Fat Boys…
    Human Beat Box RIP….

  2. Vanilla Ice…
    Have you heard “Having a Roni”?……… Incredible!

    Only pissing about, my real pick is Killa Kela from the UK.
    He overcame the infliction of having an unfortunate & massive gap in his teeth…. by making drum noises for the people!

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