Kaimbr – Behind The Beats (Diamond District)

1,657 thoughts on “Kaimbr – Behind The Beats (Diamond District)”

  1. great video ! informative , DMV stand up ! Nottz , Odissee , everyone . The whole go go movement ! 7 cities . Yeah ! Gotta cop another 2000xl before the week is over now lol

  2. so because i want to buy a mpc 2000xl ,due in part because i am inspired by this particular video , because i wanna be like mike or whatever you wanna call it , i get hate ? so because i feel this is an achievable goal through hardwork sweat and tears this is a bad thing too ? you are shan money the ultimate hater , is this not what a forum is supposed to be about , this is my interpretation of my statement unless you can read minds now. how weird . i choose to wanna go back to that particular piece of gear because i enjoyed watching what he did with what he with what he had and i observed , not reason , not machine , not logic not cubase not mikko or anything ealse but an mpc 2000xl because i saw and heard what he made and thought it was cool you wanna put me out there ? you are a weirdo . get a life . anyone reading this knows it ain’t about no gear thats what you tell a smuck just starting out . i am tony traxx bitch !

  3. A good piece of footage here. This is the type of stuff that keeps the creative juices flowing. Tony Traxx was making the same statement, but it somehow was misunderstood. Big up to Low Budget. Salute!

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