Unique Places to Dig For Records

I’m constantly racking my brain through my head in an attempt to more fresh and creative ways to find records and today on the rush hour drive home I started thinking of all the techniques that I’ve used in the past to find untapped crates.  Some of them include the usual suspects like used record stores and flea markets, while others are a little more creative and unusual, but still may prove to be lucrative.  Lately not paying retail price is one of the more significant criteria that must be met in order for me to even consider using a technique.

  1. Flea markets
  2. Thrift stores
  3. Used record stores
  4. Friend & family
  5. Record shows
  6. Ads in the local newspaper
  7. Ads in magazines such as Goldmine
  8. Gemm
  9. Ebay
  10. Internet Forums
  11. Yard Sales
  12. Library sales
  13. Newspaper ads, flyers, and business cards
  14. College radio stations
  15. Traveling door to door
  16. Bums on the street ALWAYS have dope records

128 thoughts on “Unique Places to Dig For Records”

  1. Let me just cosign the statement that “Bums on the street ALWAYS have dope records.” Not only do they come with the rare wax, they’re always willing to negotiate. And they usually have an amazing story to tell about the record, too.

  2. I was just about to ask if you were serious about the bums on the street until I saw the co-sign in the comments. lol

    Hilarious. I thought you were joking at first.

    Learn something new everyday. Boy I tell ya. lol

  3. Can I add antique/auction houses to that list?

    I came up on some dope wax in a couple of these places dirt cheap coz everyone else there is looking for old chairs/brass plates or some other shit!


  4. LMAO @ that bums on the street point. Truthhhhh. When I was out in Berkeley last summer there was some crack head pawnin a ragged box of wax and I got an original Eddie Kendricks – People Hold On for 1 buck. Cover looked like it caught fire….but a record is a good sign of the owner lol

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