Who Stole My MPC Sucka???… How’s That???

Life is good… life is grand… My apologies for the lack of updates lately, but I’ve been doing my best to climb the corporate ladder and keep on keepin’ on.  It’s really cool how this site has turned out to be a great outlet for some of the musical thoughts that have been lingering around my head for years and whatever has been bouncing around my brain at the time.  I just want everyone to know that I really appreciate all of the emails and positive feedback that I’ve been receiving.  Anyhoo… let’s get back to the beats.

For those who haven’t had the chance yet, go check out the forums where you can find some nice gems stashed away in the download section along with some other niceties to help fuel the fire.  Since there have been many questions and emails lately from readers about how to get started in production and what equipment to play with, I’ve decided to create a guide on how to get started in production.  I’ll be covering software vs. hardware and a bit of philosophy on ethical sampling practices (although it appears as though it doesn’t really matter anymore). 

One of the highlights of this week has been the having the opportunity to add another issue of Waxpoetics to my almost flawless collection beginning at issue #8.  Has any noticed how much back issues are selling for on ebay?  Outta control!!!  I’ve gotta hurry up and make some real bank so I can finally complete my collection.  The current issue seems pretty dope, but I just can’t relate.  My only real complaint about the latest issue is that I’m not huge fan of reggae and can’t fully appreciate the great of Lee Scratch Perry.  I know that he is considered to be a musical Juggernaut, but I’ve just never been a fan.  Maybe this will come in time… probably not, but whatever.  oHOHowever, what I can appreciate is my man DJ Trends’ site Classic Riddims! and some dancehall mixes that are straight off the chain.  I’ve personally known this cat for about ten years and trust me when I say he always brings the heat especially when it comes to his Welcome To Dancehall mix CD series available at Mix Unit.

A little off topic is my favorite blog post of the moment over at :Grey Matters.  For the past few weeks my girl has had a new obsession (HBO just has a habit of doing that to people) been forcing me to watch every single season of The Wire courtesy of Netflicks, so when I saw the post I ended up reading at a feverish pace while comfortably knowing that we are not the only ones loving this amazing show.

Also, some have asked for a tracklist of the Science Skateboards mix so here it is.  Unfortunately it appears as though their website has gotten so much traffic that it killed their bandwith.  Hopefully it will be available again soon.

  1. Les Demerle – A Day In The Life
  2. O.C. – Time’s Up
  3. Eric B & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke
  4. EPMD – Brothers On My Jock
  5. Public Enemy – Don’t Believe The Hype
  6. Idris Muhammed – Crab Apple
  7. J Dilla – F**k The Police
  8. J Rawls – Tribute To Troy
  9. Del The Funky Homosapien – Catch A Bad One
  10. Diamond D – Best Kept Secret
  11. Chambers Brothers – Funky
  12. Jean Jacques Perrey – EVA
  13. 9th Creation – Bubble Gum
  14. Artifacts – Wrong Side of The Tracks
  15. Dynasty – Adventures in the land of music
  16. Camp Lo – Luchini
  17. Artifacts – C’mon Wit Da Git Down
  18. Graham Nash – Chicago
  19. Cymande – The Message
  20. Bohannon – Save Their Souls
  21. Bahamadia – Wordplay
  22. Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn
  23. Smif & Wesson – Home Sweet Home
  24. Mic Geronimo – Shit’s Real
  25. Kool G Rap – 4, 5, 6
  26. Monty Alexander – Love and Happiness
  27. George Benson – The Changing World
  28. Common – Resurrection (Large Professor Remix)
  29. Common – Resurrection (Extra P Remix)
  30. The Roots – The Spark
  31.  Casual – Thoughts of The Thoughtful
  32. Junior Mafia – Get Money
  33. J Rawls – Tribute to Dilla
  34. Slum Village – Players
  35. Amad Jamal – Swahililand
  36. De La Soul – Stakes Is High
  37. The Turtles – Buzzsaw
  38. Electric Prunes – General Confessional
  39. Mobb Deep – Drink Away The Pain
  40. Organized Konfusion – Stress (Extra P Remix)
  41. All Natural – 50 Years
  42. Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy
  43. Keith Murray – The Most Beatifullest Thing In The World
  44. Skills – The Nod Factor

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