Tonium PaceMaker Mobile DJ Device & Controller


Am I the only one who actually wants one of these really badly?  We all love gadgets, but I could easily see myself losing a ridiculous amount of productive time playing with this device. 

With the Tonium PaceMaker you’re given mixer functionality along with the ability to alter track speed, bend pitch, crossfade, EQ, and rewind all from the palm of your hand.  It’s surely not a device like Serato Scratch Live where you can preserve much of the essence of traditional mixing, then again, the goal of PaceMaker seems to have been to get as far away from traditional as possible.

As a standalone, backpocket mixing solution, PaceMaker comes complete with a 120 GB Harddrive, 3.5mm line & headphone connectors,18 hours playback/5 hours mixing time, plus the ability to support and a vast array of audio formats including MP3, M4A (AAC-LC), AIFF, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, and SND.

369 thoughts on “Tonium PaceMaker Mobile DJ Device & Controller”

  1. I’m glad you posted something about the Pacemaker. I feel like a lot of people in the US are fairly clueless about this sick new mixing tool. I think it’s more popular in Europe right now, especially since it’s sold in Pounds and so damn expensive with the US dollar being weak right now. If it was cheaper, I would definitely have one by now. I heard about it in Remix magazine or something like that a few months back and I’ve been obsessed with it ever sense.

    I totally agree that I would lose a ton of time just messing around with that thing and make mixes all day long. I love that you can carry that anywhere and make a mix on the fly. I always have so many ideas outside of the lab and end up forgetting it when I get home. This seems like a really good creativity tool.

    I’m feeling the site as well. I just stumbled across it yesterday. Great content!


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