The Significance of DJ Premier


I was hanging out Friday evening with some friends from my official 9-5 gig when Christina Aquilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man”, produced by DJ Premier, began playing in the background. Conversation started and I found myself making my case for why I consider DJ Premier to be the greatest producer in Hip-Hop. Why is Primo the greatest??? Let me count the ways:

1. “Come Clean” – Jeru Tha Damaja – For the longest time Primo had everyone thinking that he sampled the sound of water drops! In actuality it turned out to be Shelly Manne’s “Infinity”, but the lesson was learned… never reveal your sources.
2. “Royalty” – Gangstarr – Go listen to the original sample of Latimore’s “Let’s Do it In Slow Motion” and try to figure out what the hell he did with it.
3. Primo is the king of simple, tight and effective vocal cuts & scratches that tell a story.
4. He uses an Akai MPC 60, S950 and EMU Planet Phatt controlled by a M-Audio Oxygen 8, one of the simplest equipment combinations I have ever seen!
5. ENTIRE ALBUMS are Primo joints, not just singles!
6. He, along with The Beatminers, is King of the dope unreleased B-sides and remixes.
7. Primo DJ’s with both turntables on the same side of the mixer! No one does that anymore!
8. We all eagerly anticipate Primo’s commentary regarding the current state of Hip-Hop on each Gangstarr album.
9. He made Jeru’s career, then ended it! This also goes double for Group Home.
10. Primo’s Drums!!!! Tight, hard, crisp and dirty… ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

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  1. I find myself reading this from time to time as inspiration. There might have been dudes who produced more #1 singles, sold more records, broke more new artists, started bigger labels, had entire orchestras on their payroll, etc…whatever. Beat for beat, the artist formerly known as Waxmaster C is greatest producer is the history of this wonderful thing called Hip-Hop. BTW, Semantik, where are you?!!!!

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