The Making of J. Cole’s “In The Morning” By L & X Music

Shatek The Producer interviews Brooklyn production duo L & X Music. The two producers talk about first making beats in 2004, getting their music to J. Cole, and how the single “In The Morning” featuring Drake eventually came to be.

Of course, L & X Music also talks about sample based producers and using Akai MPC 2000 and MPC 4000, Yamaha Motif, Open Labs Neko, Roland Fantom X before finally settling on Apple Logic as their preferred tool.

[via RTNY]

13 thoughts on “The Making of J. Cole’s “In The Morning” By L & X Music”

  1. The track is OK at best nothing to scream over,I’s the musician’s ideas that make the machine/software work out!

  2. Got alot of respect for these guys. I love how they put the beat together. And the fact that shit is 3 years old? Give em a round of applause. I wanna hear more from you guys get em.


  3. I understand what they are saying about being able to “Rock” the song doing the instrumentation,but you still can do that with FL studio or Reason,etc. It may take longer,but you still can. I`m starting to do it more. I just do it in blocks.

  4. the track is fire kinda reminds me of jadakiss by my side but the subject matter is wack as fuck theres more to talk about than sex come on homie theres people dying and stds corrupt cops corrupt government the struggle dam i miss pac cuz if he wouldve had this track it woulda been so many tears part 2 or sumthin on that level of concept i love sex as much as the next man but come on shit im feeling like rza on the intro before triumph lol or rae and ghostface on shark biters

      • he didnt show that range in this song he got some punchlines about hollering at a female in this song but thats it im just saying in this song to me he didnt do it on this song to me there is more to talk about than gaming a female thats y i love CHUCK D JERU THE DAMAJA RAKIM KRS ONE and OTHERS but hey its a new era but it seems like mainstream radio will only play u one side of the story (bitches hoes greed violence gaming females materialism) and there seems to be no balance but hey what do i know i guess thats what i takes to be successful on a mainstream level or there way of attracting fans bringing them to the album so they can hear what they really wanna say

        • And Pac didn’t have those type of songs? Who’s to say that if he did get a hold of the track, it wouldn’t of been a “Ratha Be Ya Nigga Pt.2”? Pac talked about bitches, hoes, greed, violence, and materialism. He also talked about real things as well…so does Cole. I like artists who can display a variety in content and think it’s great when we have someone like Cole. He is the closest we will have to Pac in the current generation of rappers on major labels. I do agree on your take as far as mainstream radio. There will never be a balance in that realm. Were in an era where most “artists” play the game yet, still have a tough time being “successful”

  5. All i use if FL Studios and I dont click in my beat..i play it all on my key board and i sample…i can make FL sound better than logic or any other program

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