Disko Dave Creates “The Night Mission” Instrumental

36 thoughts on “Disko Dave Creates “The Night Mission” Instrumental”

  1. Disko Dave…if you ever get a chance to read this…damn yo…super ill son! I was done by the 2:15 sec mark. Lol!

  2. The beat is bangin; straight up! Most importantly I’m feeling the fact Disko Dave is giving some insight to one of many processes of beat creation without giving away too much (just enough). Much succsess.

    • i don’t understand whats wrong with “giving away” the process of a beat creation? Why do beat makers (not sayin producers here cos most aren’t producers) always feel to hide their shit, not say what sample they use, waht VSTs, what equipment etc… it pisses me off. Why not just share the KNOWLEDGE. Are you guys that scared that somone might be better than you?

      • it’s not like i’m tryin’ to hide nothing, it would just be a long, boring ass video if i showed the whole process..lol. definitely didn’t learn from the manual either. basically learned the mpc with hands on experimentation. peace.

        • nah i respect that. i’m not hatin on you. im hatin on this curt guy. Like even if you did somehow give away “too much” OH NO whats the big fuckin deal? lets just make good music

          • Hate on hater if thats how you get down but let me ask you a question. Where would you be in your progression if it wasnt for the internet? I dig dusty crates for mine while others search for mp3 files after they find a sample has used.

            As I said before I appreciate seing a PROCESS, one of many variations of how the mpc is used to make some dope shit. Hip Hop has allways had secret elements in like putting black tape on certain records. If you give away EVERYTHING it takes away from the mystique.

            Watch the food network if you want to see something done from start to finish with all the details. In the meantime I got things to do which dont involve hating, thats some hoe shit but do you homie.

      • @ ibn yasir,

        It’s not that to just clarify the statement. The process of creation is not about what the next man did to create what now is, it’s about what drives you to create from what wasn’t. If we are talking sample based hip hop then it’s music spanning multiple genre’s that we chop into a mosaic of sounds creating a new piece of art.

        I like to see beats made online like other cats but when I get on my MPC I’m trying to do me. I enjoy seeing Disko Dave, Alchemist,Kev Brown, Marco Polo,etc do they thing (they make it look easy but it aint) However I dont need them to tell me how a beat should be made from a-z because I have to learn my own style and perfect it.

  3. thanks y’all for peepin’. i knew the sample’s been used a few times, but when i got the record i had to flip it..lol. just my take on it. don’t forget the Alchemist joint too. thanks again Semantik for posting. ONE

  4. always a proper inspiration for me, im down and out with flu right now but i just gotta get on it after watchin a disko dave video!
    keep em comin dave!!

  5. They recently reissued & remastered the Lou Bond, it’s a beautiful LP.
    To Dave very nice work on the MPC. well done.

  6. Bom Bom i use to bomb at night GHOST spelled in shrooms. RIP ALPHA aka ALFA (Died While Bombing On A Train While Another Train Hit Him) Bardia Zargham. I fliped this sample also on my first beat tape video. Pay homage to the Outkast flip and the prodigy flip……. theyre all different. #POW

  7. I use to Bomb 7 line Queens back in the day. Lord bless the Beatmaker! You make me wanna get my crylon out & do a burner .Time to get “Dusty”.

  8. Ayo DISKO DAVE!!
    whats up!!?beats are ill as always, remember the lawn days?i see you famous now huh!!?BIG UPS mayne!!


    • Sumo, what up?! I haven’t been on the boards in a hot minute! I ain’t famous man..lol. But I’m glad people are enjoying the music tho. I know you still got some heat fam. Holla!

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