The Mad Record Collector (Vinyl Humor)

“Who is he who dare calleth himself a vinyl collector?” True crate diggers and record collectors will appreciate the unique humor, classic wardrobe, and classic vinyl dance performed in this strange video.

Notable Quote:
“My records… so many of them, so many, so rare!”

270 thoughts on “The Mad Record Collector (Vinyl Humor)”

  1. why in the hell was she playing “mammie”,that damn racist ass song,

    but still funny vid!
    (see how i turned that around)

  2. I’s get up in her stash in more ways than one. On the real tho’ it looks like a sampling Gold Mine in there.

  3. I would probably date her, only to steal some records…

    and for real, she was playing some racist song in the background…I didn’t even know.


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