The Alchemist NYU Beat Making Footage

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  1. Oh MY GOD!!!! Amazing. Buc 50 was mad creative. Alchemist on the ASR-10. Looked weird not seeing a drum machine though. Even though I’m about the future, the 90s brings me that warmth!

  2. Dope Footage….I guess that main beat in the video later on turned into that Dilated People’s joint!

  3. In an interview he said he sold his first beat(s) to Dilated Peoples bcuz they were the first get a record deal.

  4. Good video.I wonder if that was his platinum plaque in the background ? dope video . Made me wish I could bring the early 90″s vibe back !!! You can definetly hear the difference between hardwear and softwear sequencers like the asr 10 after watching this video.His drums hit hard back then !!!This is where it all starts in your room.

  5. i said it before, and this shit just further illustrates the point: ALC is the fuckin man. when you look at his setup in this video, it shows you that it has never been about the equipment. of course, the ASR always will be a classic, that is undeniable.

    but check it out, he only has one 1200, and he’s got it setup club style instead of battle style. and look at the size of that fuckin gemini mixer! DAMN! hahaha. i remember that joint. one of them gemini’s had a sample pad w/ like 4 seconds of memory and that was huge back then.

    BUC 50 sounds dope on this shit, too bad he never really took off.

  6. I think people who are left-handed would usually set they turntable up in what you call Club-Style and people who are right-handed usually set it up in Battle-Style

  7. yo that was hot.and you are right tony traxx u can hear the difference.that hardware bang harder.thats that raw shit.son that was spittin was nice too

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