Teddy Riley On Blackstreet “We Don’t Need Auto-Tune”

Producer Teddy Riley discusses reuniting Blackstreet for another album, the untold story behind the creation of “No Diggity”, issues that prevented Guy from resurfacing, and using Auto-Tune as a replacement for talent.

We’re not the Auto-Tune group. Our sound, we don’t need Auto-Tune to be on key.

7 thoughts on “Teddy Riley On Blackstreet “We Don’t Need Auto-Tune””

  1. I am Teddy MuthaF%*&n’ Riley! You listen to me! Lol, but that new Blackstreet joint betta be as dope as he says it will be! “Mr. God producer of Blackstreet and all other important pop forms!”

  2. Teddy riley opened the doors to the neptunes , timbaland , and many more that branched from that tree . When he left VA. that was the end of it . When he was here he found talent and opened things up. He gets a bad rap at times but he’s a genious , he hears things the average person don’t hear. I know many people who worked with him. I been on hiatus just came through here to see if i could get inspired again. Happy new years to everyone !

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