Black Milk On Early Beats, Breaking Into Production

Pound Magazine caught up with Black Milk to talk about his first equipment, early beats, snatching open drums from J Dilla, and first hearing his music on the radio. He also talks about pursuing music production while working in stock rooms and restaurants, then finally receiving his break into the music business.

Interesting Fact: Black Milk started making beats with a Casio keyboard and karaoke machine.

16 thoughts on “Black Milk On Early Beats, Breaking Into Production”

  1. Interesting Fact: Black Milk started making beats with a Casio keyboard and karaoke machine.

    So did alot of Producers, including me…… I know kids that got a whole album with beat boxes and voice effects. I also used to record a song from the radio…play it at a certain spot and record that 2 or 3 second part, replay it and record it, repeat…until you created a loop, on like a soundesign dual cassette deck.

  2. i first made beats at like 14 with audacity. i took pre made j dilla & timbaland drum loops, take the part of the song i wanted to sample and put the drum loop under it. i had to fuckin slow down or sped it up to match the loop. shit was a pain da ass lol

  3. I started out pause mixing my beats and then I got into djaying.I would mix my sample with a drum break on the 1`s and 2`s. Record that and then loop that by pause mixing. It would take me a hour to do a beat ,but it was fun.

  4. Black Milk is very talented…and humble for a guy thats done so much good music in a short amount of time.He has produced solid records for ALOT of quality artist…QUIETLY. He will have a long career if he chooses to.

  5. It’s funny how many of us producers who have great talent and often go unnoticed but Black Milk look like he got a solid resume. Thanks CrateKings you bring us all together and try make the genre we love better

  6. I made my first beats when I was 9 years old I would be at the kitchen table with a fork, tappin and bangin and then record all that shit with a pen microphone I got for christmas and then play that shit back for my brother and he would spit some sick nursery rhyme shit over that shit

  7. Yall suckers, I was making loops when I was 7 with two cassette decks. Had my 1st keyboard when I was 5, never thought of recording myself until I was 7….lol.

    Black Milk dropped a weak album this year.

  8. ^ Have to agree with you. I’m a big fan of Black Milk, but AOTY was very disappointing. I liked about 3 songs. Same with Alchemist and Oh No’s collaborative effort, that one was especially wack.

  9. Im with beatrock… I started off with Hip Hop Ejay.. I read a magazine in my elementary school library and they had an advertisement for hiphop ejay and I asked for it for christmas when i was probably 10 or 11 years old…

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