Teac LP-R500 Retro Turntable, Tape Deck, and CD Player



Any turntable that incorporates a cassette deck is bound to command respect from even the most die hard vinyl enthusiasts.  Add the fact that beautiful Teac LP-R500 packs a CD player/recorder along with a FM radio and you have a match made in heaven. 

Check out Teac for more info on how to grab your own.

[via Akihabara via DVICE]

485 thoughts on “Teac LP-R500 Retro Turntable, Tape Deck, and CD Player”

  1. I bought a Teac LP – R500 Retro, turntable, cassette deck, and CD player / recorder only last February, and already have experienced difficulty with it, as it only plays tapes through one speaker. CDs recorded from a tape also only play back through one speaker. The CD plays and also records on an external unit through both speakers okay.

    Not what I would describe as a match made in heaven!

    Norman R. Paton.

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