Q-Tip On Minnie Ripperton – TV One Unsung

A sample fan’s dream, as part of the TV One Unsung series, producer Q-Tip quickly talks about Minnie Ripperton’s influence on A Tribe Called Quest and the importance of her musical legacy. Random Thought: It feels like a good time to pull out the Rotary Connection vinyl. [via Nah Right via Y2K]

Q-Tip Visits Big City Records

Iconic producer Q-Tip visits NYC’s Big City Records to peruse the crates, talk about the importance of focusing on music, and A Tribe Called Quest’s musical legacy. [Respect to NFDK]

Q-Tip On The Deprecation of Hip-Hop Music

Q-Tip delivers a strong dose of common sense and his point of view on the depreciation of Hip-Hop music in this interview supporting his recent release The Renaissance.  It’s a nice idea to think that everyone taking part in Hip-Hop actually cares about the artform, but somehow I get the feeling that this message is … Read more

Q-Tip Featured On Juan Epstein

Whoa… Pete Rosenburg and Cypha Sounds just dropped an off the cuff Juan Epstein episode featuring none other than Q-Tip.  Conversations about Bob Power, house fires, and lost recordings… Note:  Q-Tip did the beats for the first three A Tribe Called Quest Albums!!! Download it now via Rosenberg Radio.

Q-Tip Interview: Cypha Sounds & Rosenburg Show

Nuggets of the interview: Q-Tip robbed Cypha Sounds for his digital reggae collection, talks about his feelings about A Tribe Called Quest, and acknowledges that he receives royalty checks for the Lil Wayne "A Milli" sample. Check the interview snatched from Don’t Get Gassed.