Production News

Beat Phone Sampling Software for Apple iPhone

Apparently cell phone customers are on the run nowadays.  Last week I received a personal call from a Sprint rep asking me to re-up my contract for another 2 years in exchange for a $10 monthly billing credit.  Being naturally afraid of commitment, I rejected the offer and immediately began pondering what other ego boosting … Read more

Wu-Tang’s False Claims About First Legally Cleared Beatles Sample

Big Shout to RTC Shogun for giving us the scoop… The previous claim by Wu-Tang that the upcoming 8 Diagrams album will feature the first legally cleared Beatle sample was incorrect. According to Randall Wixen, of Wixen Publishing which handles publishing for the Harrison estate, “In this case, the Beatles’ master sample is not being … Read more

Wu-Tang Clears First Legal Beatles Sample In History!

All hands on deck!  The outlook for the future of sampling has greatly improved since Wu-Tang recently obtained clearance for the first Beatles song ever legally sampled!  According to XXL and the Wu-Tang Myspace blog, the sample of The Beatles “My Guitar Gently Weeps” from the self titled White Album will appear as a remade … Read more

Digidesign Pushes Back Pro Tools Vista Support Date… Again!

Digidesign is playing with my emotions!   It looks like my tap dance and ball change between two laptops will not end anytime soon.  Seeing that the company originally stated ProTools LE and M-Powered would be Vista compatible by the end of the summer, I figured Digidesign would actually stick to that statement.  Instead, while checking … Read more

Production News Roundup 9-25-07

Peter Rosenberg drops a dope segment with Q-Tip speaking about Common, Dilla, and A Tribe Called Quest.  If you can remember the name of Tribe’s second album, you may also qualify to win a Mitchell & Ness jacket from Altrap and VH1 Hip-Hop Honors.   Spine Magazine gives us a taste of Large Professor’s upcoming … Read more

Scratch Magazine Is Dead!

Coming straight from the Scratch Magazine website… Issue #20  featuring 50 Cent & Timbaland will be the last ever published! Announcing the news In a post today, Eskay over at Nah Right says “I hope all you purist snobs are happy. You didn’t buy it when it targeted you, then you screamed bloody murder when … Read more

Timbaland Leaving The Music Biz?

We all know that producer Timbaland can come off a little arrogant at times, but that’s sort of expected after making such a long string of hits.  Recently, according to, Timbaland states that “Music is boring right now. I’m too innovative for the world" and that he’ll be leaving the music business.

Hip Hop Beats & Production Roundup 4-13-07

Needless to say… TGIF and I managed to make it through another week working for The Man.  Thank god for the some of more interesting things happening around the net and entertainment that helped ease the pain of sacrificing 1/3 of my days for a bi-weekly paycheck. Alchemist Interview About Prodigy’s (of Mobb Deep) Return … Read more

Hip Hop Beats, Samples and Production Round Up

Had to hit yall with a few of my favorite Hip Hop samples by my favorite producers Just Blaze, The Alchemist, The Heatmakerz, and Three Six Mafia.  Hope yall like it.  Remember to check the forums, sign up for the newsletter and take a look at the Crate Kings custom snare, Dr. Dre, and Scott … Read more