Producer Interviews

Shondrae Makes Beat Live At Producer’s Ball

Shondrae (Ciara, Ludacris, Kelis, 8Ball & MJG) crafts a beat live on stage using an Akai MPC 2000XL at the Producer’s Balls which took place at Justin’s in Atlanta, GA.  It’s crazy to hear him recreate a hit while telling the creative process behind the composition.  Another plus is watching how much fun he seems … Read more

Fusion Ultd. Diggin For Coldfusion

In a promo for his upcoming album Coldfusion, Fusion Ultd. takes us on an excursion to an undisclosed record store.  Watching Fusion is always an education, but I actually feel sorry for his "digging partner" who spends most of the vid nodding off on a couple of crates.

Producer Maleet Digging With MTV

In a quick promo for MTV, producer and crate digger Maleet talks about the dedication necessary to be a master of records.    If your lacking the motivation to get our and get your fingers dusty, this vid is sure to get you out of the house and digging with the best of them.

Bryan B. Cox In The Studio: Exposed

So So Def staff producer Bryan Cox takes us into the studio for the construction of more hits. It’s a long video and takes a little bit of time to get to the good stuff, but the strength of the video is watching him construct a track from the ground up. Pay special attention to … Read more