Illmind Discusses Beat Tapes, G-Unit, Dilla’s Influence

Emilio Sparks interviews producer Illmind as he discusses the origin of his name, current projects, working with Sha Money XL & G-Unit, and his music production teaching and academic advising work for Harlem Children’s Zone.  Obviously these aren’t the normal activities for producers… then again, Illmind isn’t your ordinary producer. He also talks about being … Read more

Jake One + Brother Ali Explain Tracks From White Van Music

Respect to The Audacity of Dope for serving up a 2 part interview with producer Jake One and Brother Ali as they discuss the goals behind releasing White Van Music, beginning the project in 2006, and backstories relating to specific tracks.  There’s really no beating the track by track analysis.

Part 2 after the jump.

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Moka Only Studio Tour + Gear Madness

Well… Moka Only gets my vote for studio tour of the year/producer interview of the year.  No promo nonsense… just a bunch of equipment, musical instruments, and sincere focus on making music and exploring sound.  Moka Only actually took the time to show pretty much every device that happened to be lying around his home … Read more