Nicolay (Foreign Exchange) Lists Studio Setup + Equipment

Producer Nicolay begins his personal producer series “Inside The Producer’s Studio” by listing his complete production setup and stating clearly and definitively that “as a general rule I will NOT be “giving away” samples. I am crazy, but I am not THAT crazy.” Nicolay’s equipment collection includes: Digidesign 003 Factory Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4 … Read more

Nicolay On Quitting Music, Forming Foreign Exchange

In a lecture session with Red Bull, Foreign Exchange producer Nicolay tells the story of studying music, quitting music, and finally returning after connecting with Phonte through the Okayplayer messageboard.  Nicolay, a formally trained musician, also talks about the benefits of musical theory and education in the creation of Hip-Hop instrumentals. Hear the whole audio … Read more

The Foreign Exchange – Leave It All Behind (Sampler)

Phonte and Nicolay are dropping another one on us October 7th with the release of their latest Foreign Exchange album entitled Leave It All Behind.  So far the production and vocals sound very clean… grab the sampler and decide for yourself. Download: The Foreign Exhange – Leave It All Behind (Sampler) Tracklist: Take Off The … Read more

Nicolay (Foreign Exchange) On Studio Monitors, Publishing, and Sampling

Producer Nicolay (Foreign Exchange) talks about opting to use stock desktop computer speakers and a $100 shelf system rather than professional studio monitors, being self taught about audio, mixing his own tracks, and the importance of not mastering your own records.  He also speaks about his tendency to replay instruments and touches on broad concepts … Read more