Nicolay Speaks On The International Music Hustle

512 thoughts on “Nicolay Speaks On The International Music Hustle”

  1. Yo wut was up with nicolay’s girl sparking up and walking in front of the camera. Damn she couldn’t wait until after the interview. Dog you better check that before you get married.

  2. Nic is by no means a drug addict.
    & His girl was chillin.
    She aint do nothing wrong. Y’all gotta understand… We was chillin hard before we started rollin the cameras & prior to that I broke out my peace pipe and packed that OG Kush to show my mans how we do in L dot A dot.
    Schitts n giggles or not… I just wanna clear the air, cuz they are both good friends of mine aside from the great music Nic creates.
    Thanks for hotlinking the interview tho! that’s hip hop!


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