DJ Green Lantern MPC vs ASR-10

Part 3 of “21 Questions” with DJ Green Lantern features the DJ/producer comparing the ASR-10 vs the MPC. I did have a 3000 for a minute and I had a 4000 for about 4 years.  So I gotta go with MPC, and not because I need the pads, which is what everybody says.  I really … Read more

Havoc MPC4000 Beatmaking Session w/ Smack DVD

Smack DVD goes in studio with Havoc (Mobb Deep) to watch him create a quick beat using vinyl, an Akai MPC4000, and a Yamaha Motif keyboard. Random Thought: Only a true MPC master can work the pads with ease while holding a lit cigarette. [also see Boola] [via HHM]