DJ Green Lantern MPC vs ASR-10

Part 3 of “21 Questions” with DJ Green Lantern features the DJ/producer comparing the ASR-10 vs the MPC.

I did have a 3000 for a minute and I had a 4000 for about 4 years.  So I gotta go with MPC, and not because I need the pads, which is what everybody says.  I really don’t need the pads because I use a computer now.  I’m tapping out crazy drum patterns with the X and the Y key.  I just never had an ASR.

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  1. There are way too many beatmaking products on the market. We can’t decide on what to use anymore! And they just keep coming out with new stuff, new improvements, new features! Just like everything else in this world. Bombarding the consumer; competition and confusion.

  2. well, maybe i need the pads… i just hate programming drums and samples on ebony and ivory, i love my mpc cuz it’s an all in one thing, i can go to my buddy’s house and plug RCA cords into his TV if he ain’t got nothing else and just start bangin on them pads. But i would love to try an ASR-10 anyway, i would love to own a SP-1200 too, damn 11 seconds of sample, u Gotta be creative with that !!

  3. 11 seconds is a lot, I am one of those guys who did not knew what to do anymore so i went back to oldschool samplers and sequnecer, nothing wrong with software but there are no limitations anymore when it comes to making music and IMHO it is not making the music thats being made any better.

  4. Call me crazy, but I never had an MPC or an ASR 10. My first drum machine was a Boss Dr. Rhythm Section DR-5. I had a DJX keyboard before that and was like, “Once I get this drum machine, my studio will be complete.” Ten years and thousands of dollars later, I know my studio will never truly be complete.

    • Its funny you mention that, I thought I was gonna use a Boss SP202 for the rest of my career! LOL. Now I use an asr-x cuz of this producer I met in dc who uses it. He’s a beast and can make ANYTHING on it, so I figured I could master it too

  5. I`ve owned both ASR-10 and a MPC. It`s all in preference. I like them both,but now I just have an MPC. I can bang out a beat on keys or pads,doesn`t make a difference to me. I did get caught up in the hype about them both. I felt like you Indy. If I had a ASR-10 first and then a MPC, I would be complete. But like you said,it never really is.

  6. Id like to know how to merge your tracks into one another such as the voices and sfx ie perfect splicing not the more obvious stops you get in dj software,WHta i mean is id like to stop a track dead ,then insert a sound or voice over then play it back so it merges flawlessly ,rather then having to rush my mixing ,

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