Havoc MPC4000 Beatmaking Session w/ Smack DVD

2,596 thoughts on “Havoc MPC4000 Beatmaking Session w/ Smack DVD”

  1. damn if he can make a hot beat like that while smoking a cigarette ‘ then he probally can do a whole album by the time he finishes a carton of cigarettes.

  2. nice but umm did i miss something ? all i saw was him add some high hats or some shit and then the beat made itself with bass drum or was it edited some how either way it sounded fresh

  3. Havoc has always been one of my favorite Beat makers since way back.

    Really was a “throw away beat,” but nice to see his process of how he goes through to make a beat.

  4. When did hav start using the 4000? Everything is too clean on the 4000. Havoc and dj quik are the masters of the 3000!

  5. Lit cigarette in hand and making beats better than some producers spend days on. A carton of cigarettes and a drink would have produced a whole Mobb Deep album. Havoc still got it on the beats, will always be a respected producer.

  6. havoc is definitely one of the illest producers of all time, the way chop his samples and all that, why couldn’t the rest of the hidden files album sound like that, i was very disappointed with that album, and i know he has some better joints then that, hopefully he comes to his senses and put out some crack, even if its throwaways

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