6th Sense Artist of the Week Feature

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  1. nice video, i like how it was edited. i remember when i was doing college radio at wrsu fm and 6th sense sent me a copy of his cd. that mustve been in … 2001? it was in a nice digipak case, and he was very professional from his quality control to his follow up, which really stood out to me at the time because half of the guys sending music back then were talking CRAZY about how they were gonna blow up or whatever, meanwhile they had some cdrs with their numbers written on em with sharpies and/or totally unrealistic perspectives on how to market and sell music. keep on, 6th. youre doing good work out here.

  2. @ j not-You probally threw the other cd’s in the trash anyway.how do you know that wasn’t all they had ? is it a crime to have a fuckd up cd with good music on it ? can you be confident without being an asshole ? i didnt hear you say you played his music and helped him blow.Since your kissing his ass now maybe you should have done that .

  3. It comforts me knowing that, in this crazy world where everything is always changing, no matter what I have to say, Tony Traxx will have a problem with it. These days, I really appreciate the consistency and equality Tony provides us: we are all wrong in his eyes.

    Better yet, he’s hilarious when he explains why we suck, too.

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