Fredwreck Reveals Vintage Synth & Guitar Collection

Another clip from the West Coast Theory documentary, producer Fredwreck shows off his personal recording studio and collection of vintage synthesizers, guitars, and other music making tools. Anything that makes a sound, I can put a beat to it. Notable Studio Items: Rhodes piano ARP String Machine E-mu SP-1200 Sony C-800G Microphone Oberheim OB-8 Akai MPC3000 … Read more

Chop Suey w/ 88-Keys: MPC3000 Sample Chopping

From sample to fully constructed beat, producer 88-Keys runs through a collection of vinyl then begins chopping on his trusty Akai MPC3000, which he’s owned since age 15. I purposely didn’t bring any of my old stuff, cuz I have new ears now.

DJ Toomp Studio Talk: Hardware vs Software

BLVDST interviews DJ Toomp to add his thoughts to the never ending hardware/software debate.  Toomp explains his personal preferences for a number of studio items used most frequently and offers insight into his ideal sound. I still just like to blend the two of them together. It’s hard and software together.  Software got its own … Read more

DJ Green Lantern MPC vs ASR-10

Part 3 of “21 Questions” with DJ Green Lantern features the DJ/producer comparing the ASR-10 vs the MPC. I did have a 3000 for a minute and I had a 4000 for about 4 years.  So I gotta go with MPC, and not because I need the pads, which is what everybody says.  I really … Read more

Evidence Using 88-Keys’s Akai MPC3000

Evidence makes a guest appearance on 88-Keys’s MPC3000 during the Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Tour. On the Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Tour bus I brought my trusty (& never rusty… but sometimes ‘crusty’) Akai MPC 3000 (named “Raw Dawg”) with me to try & get it pop’n on the ’studio’ in our tour bus… We … Read more