mpc 2000xl

Marco Polo Making Beats + Sample Layering w/ MPC 2000XL

Another producer who has no problem rocking the MPC 2000XL while easily holding a cigarette, Marco Polo discusses his philosophy of creation and the influence of Pete Rock while offering a glimpse into his method for making beats.  Along the way Marco Polo explains tuning and pitching drums, layering multiple sample sources, and the importance … Read more

Akai Updates OS For All MPC’s Currently In Production


Hardware manufacturer Akai has just announced the release of new operating systems for every current MPC.  Perhaps this large batch of fixes is a reaction to the popular trend of MPC bashing resulting from the botched release of the MPC 5000.   Regardless, early adopters of the MPC 5000 will be relieved to know that OS v1.02 has resolved 14 issues and now allows the loading of MPC 2000 programs into the unit. 

Now if we could only convince the execs at Akai to bring back (or at least continue to support) the rock solid MPC 2000 XL… the world would be a much better place!

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Vintage Roger Linn Pre-MPC Prototype On Sale

I know that I’m not the only one who’s fascinated with vintage gear, so here’s your chance to own a piece of true Hip-Hop production history… sort of.  The original MIDI Studio 001 prototype created by Roger Linn is up for sale over at the Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auction (VEMIA).  Careful inspection will reveal … Read more