Large Professor

Large Professor’s Vinyl Gloves & Other Paul C Lessons

Large Professor visits Amoeba Records to browse through its vinyl collection.  While browsing the crates and reflecting on titles from Gloria Gayner, Joe Walsh, and Paul Horn, Extra P also recalls some of the lessons that he learned his mentor Paul C such as digging with gloves, special record sleeves, and the importance of meticulousness … Read more

Large Pro Talks Demo Tapes, Sampling, Paul C, Vinyl Care

Robbie over at Unkut just dropped another gem as he interviews Large Professor to talk his departure from sampling during the release of 1st Class, the recent trend of releasing lost demo tapes, investing proper time in creative projects, proper vinyl care, and more. Notable Quote: "A lot of the true essence, a lotta the … Read more

Large Professor Main Source Interview + Studio Footage

Sampling legend Large Professor talks about the difference in prodcution with his latest solo album Main Source and previous releases.  We’re also taken into the studio, record library, and home setup.  This is a video some production fans have waited years for! Respect to Z

Large Professor Talks Record Digging

Inspired by our last post about the making of Illmatic, the timing seemed about right to look into one of the producers responsible for sculpting numerous classics.  Large Professor sits down to talk about finding new creations in sampling, the best places to dig for records, unreleased albums, and his refusal to bow down to … Read more

Throwback Production Video: Making of Illmatic

Always yearning for nostalgia, here’s the making of a classic.  Hopefully this will inspire some folks to make their own timeless compositions. This promo video for Nas’ Illmatic illustrates the making of the album utilizing stories from the producers involved with the project.  Besides a 20 year old Nas, Highlights include a young DJ Premier, … Read more