Kev Brown On Soulja Boy, 10 Minute Beats, and $200 Beats

Vinyl Meltdown interviews Kev Brown as he touches on the reasoning behind his $200 beat sale, producers claiming to make beats in 10 minutes, his early production career, and his opinion of Soulja Boy’s production work.  Random Thought: While referring to Soulja Boy’s video, did Kev give Crate Kings a sort of shoutout? "And the … Read more

Kev Brown’s $200 Beat Sale: Part 2

Kev Brown just announced that original tracks are available from him for only $200.  Yes, for the price of one month’s cable (including premium channels), you too can be heard over a Kev Brown beat.  The catch… only 2 track format will be provided for this price, multitrack sessions cost extra. Visit Kev Brown’s site … Read more

Kev Brown Production Commentary Vol. 1 & 2

Yet another reason why we love Kev Brown. This has been floating around for while, but has been a bit hard to find lately.  Kev plays instrumentals straight out of his MPC while giving production insight and commentary into how the beat was made and which techniques were used to obtain his sound.  Major respect … Read more