Kev Brown On Soulja Boy, 10 Minute Beats, and $200 Beats


Vinyl Meltdown interviews Kev Brown as he touches on the reasoning behind his $200 beat sale, producers claiming to make beats in 10 minutes, his early production career, and his opinion of Soulja Boy’s production work. 

Random Thought:
While referring to Soulja Boy’s video, did Kev give Crate Kings a sort of shoutout?

"And the next day, I saw that on the king crates blogspot I think. And I looked at it and I was just like, wow. So I copied it, put it up on my joint, like yo, you can’t be serious."

Notable Quote:
"But if you made a beat in 10 minutes, it’s not supposed to sound like you made it in 10 minutes. And you’re not supposed to brag about how you made it in 10 minutes."

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686 thoughts on “Kev Brown On Soulja Boy, 10 Minute Beats, and $200 Beats”

  1. yea i remember that video ..
    its all hip hop , if you beat on a table and record it and it’s hot .. people like thats all that matters
    there is enough room for everybody!
    i’ll be 38 this month , it’s hip hop appreciation week
    seen alot of cycles in this game, everything comes back around in some form or fashion ..
    the stuff soldier boy doing reminds me when we had the “pee wee herman” joeski luv or “picking boogers” the biz ect ..
    let the kids have fun thats what its all about = roots and reality .. WE GOT TO CHECK THE YOUTH

    • please elaborate. why is it that when someone has an opinion they are regarded as a hater? that’s a cop out to not create a platform for dialogue.
      i think good musicianship is based on understanding. As a society we seem to fear refinement and/or knowledge

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