Soulja Boy’s Fruity Loops Demo

I instantly dismiss anything Soulja Boy does as an exercise in ignorance, stupidity, and laziness.  That being said, this video is no exception to the rule, but it may provide some help to FL users.  Then again, watch with caution as his rambling about money and Gucci sneakers could possibly rot your brain.

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  1. Back in the day we used to call these dudes” bamas.”
    Because they had no talent and would just copy what NYC was doing

  2. If the future of Hip Hop is in the hands of people like this than say goodbye to it forever.. So sad. We’ll miss you!!

  3. “Cursing a man’s success is as pointless as cursing at the moon.” The more people hate on SB the more it fuels his hustle. Furthermore, defaming his production skills doesn’t offer any relief to talented musicians who’ve toiled tirelessly and can’t get a break. Let this man rock! The infantile quality of many of his tracks is actually very reminiscent of the early hip hop that most purists refer to as the realest and most relevant. A string stab, an 808, claps? That’s hip-hop’s essence. Let that man breathe.

    Now if that man buys a maestro beat i might rock a SOD chain 😉

  4. the crazy thing is, i actually liked that freestyle with the 808 bass.

    soulja boi isnt all that bad,thats just his lane.

  5. Oh yeah! Soulja Boii is musical genius up there with likes of Beethoven and Miles Davies. FUCK ALL HIS FANS, young and old. FL Studio destroyed Hiphop. Not the program itself, but the users. Now every kid is a fucking producer.

  6. Someone on the previous ditty clip said ditty F$$*)_+___!! up hip hop.If that is what you believe to be true than this kid raped ‘ extorted ‘ embarrassed and ruined hip hop.The only thing he did accoplish asside from getting rich is making it harder for us .Now any junior high schooler thinks he’s gonna be a soldierboy.I don’t like to rip on the sucess of other people in the game cause they getting paid.BUT I TRULY TRULY DON’T THINK THIS KID RESPECTS HIP HOP .CAUSE THINK ABOUT IT . TO HIM 50 CENT IS OLD SCHOOL . HE DON’T KNOW NO BETTER. I DO LIKE THE FACT HE MAKES HIS MILLIONS WITHOUT CURSING I GIVE HIM KUDOS ON THAT.HIS BEATS AREN’T THAT HOT EITHER BUT HE MAKES THEM HOT.IF HE HAD CAME OUT AROUND THE TIME ‘BEFORE BIG AND PAC GOT KILLED HE MIGHT HAVE SAVED HIP HOP WITH THE BIG INFLUENCE HE HAS.THINK ABOUT IT.YEAH I KNOW I WENT IN DEEP THIS TIME.

  7. *Sighs* smh,

    Lest I be called a hater for saying I dont like his lack of apparent talent, I wont say anything.

  8. What the F is Hip Hop? Really, I still don’t know. People say this kid doesn’t respect hip hop…who says he is trying to make hip hop? I don’t like John Denver, but I would never say is disrespected folk music. Its hilarious to watch doosh bags squirm and complain as this young guy makes bucks. I agree, the music sucks, but who cares? Somebody tell me what hip hop is. Is it breaking, graff, djing, mcing, beat boxing? If so, I know very few young black men who do any of those things. Get over the past man. Its not 88 anymore. The kids like SB…he’s so clearly not doing it for you.

  9. Yeah well if he’s not trying to make hip hop then what is he trying to do then ?I dont think any of us is trying to go back to 88 . you just keep listening to soldier boy . He’s coming out with a kiss me through the phone remix soon lol
    You probally have the ringtone already bejamino…benjamino LOL

  10. I think I’ma just side-step this debate and let my ears recover from what I heard in the clip…

    All I’ll say for now is there is a clear difference between and a ‘beat maker’ and a ‘producer’ – The two are NOT the same and certainly aren’t interchangeable.

  11. Yo Tony that is kinda ignorant dude. Did you even read my post? For the first part I said I thought the music was garbage, and secondly I said it was for the kids. If you want to have an intelligent discussion about something you have to be able to listen, or in this case READ. Tell me why you think he is trying to make hip hop. Cause he is rapping? In that case, is a McDonalds ad with rapping trying to make hip hop? Does that piss you off? I am assuming you take hip hop to be some kind of culture, in which all of the participants agree upon certain rules and regulations. Dude, loosen up…This guy is the 2009 version of David Cassidy – he’s for the kids man. The fact that you even sit around worrying about kid music is a testament to the way your mind works. Oh yea, and the Soulja Boy sock under your bed is getting kind of stiff homy…might wanna throw it in the wash.

  12. FL Studio destroyed Hiphop. Not the program itself, but the users. Now every kid is a fucking producer.

    So let me get this right you have to blow Thousands of dollars on equipment to be a”real” producer…sure…

    Exactly how is your statemant relevant….ofcourse everyone thinks there a producer now but how is that taking food off your plate or messin up your creativity? if anything it should make you step it up because there is more competition …

    the guys who talk the most shit are always the ones who never even got a placement..look at the dude Maestro’s attitude….you be constructive with it..pointless hate is unnecessary

  13. I can barely comment on this ridiculous example of everything wrong with the music industry today. I think, out of all these comments, what really sums up the totality of the ignorance that has become profitable is this one:

    “not a fan of soulja boy, but i respect anyone who can get money”

    Really, really, really pathetic. This statement alone sums up the apathy and ego this generation has snorted into their souls. Anyone can DO anything, even devalue your culture, and still get “respect” if their getting “paid”. As if someone else’s gain is yours in some mysterious, cosmic way. No. You’re supporting the destruction of art. The destruction of standards. The destruction of progress. For SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY that you won’t ever, ever, ever match or see. Why? I’ll never know why so many people respect mediocrity and clear-cut ignorance if they’re “paid”. Anyone giving sub-standard drivel like this a pass is an accessory in cultural slaughter. But, these things mean nothing to most of this generation, and they’ll pay for it later, and I won’t give a fuck.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA….Soulja Boy got that Rug Rats down packed!

    let the young boy make his party records…

    this dude entertains me…

  15. Soulja’s Boy’s music… It is what it is. Not my cup of tea, but I try not to knock the creative work of others.

    In this case, Soulja Boy was not singled out because of how his music sounds, there’s a much bigger issue than the quality of his music. The biggest issue with Soulja Boy is the way he carries himself, his complete willingness to advertise his blatant ignorance, misplaced values, and the example set for other young people. Hip-Hop was once a source of pride, but the irresponsibility of people like Soulja Boy, who are so willing to grab a camera and make a fool out of themselves for the sake of quick publicity, are an embarrassment and have turned the music into something very difficult to defend.

  16. I personally think that everyone needs to STOP HATIN’! He is just a kid doing things anyone his age would do. Who didn’t want girls, clothes, sneakers, money and doin’ beats or spittin’ rhymes at his age or even now??? When I was his age I had a Casio SK1 and was makin’ beats with stabs, hits and drum sounds. Havin fun and being a hip-hop head! Hip-Hop is universal and everyone has caught on to it in their own way. He still has room to grow and develop so if ya’ll don’t have something good 2 say – then don’t say anything at all. Bam told us what Hip-Hop is: PEACE, UNITY, LOVE and HAVIN’ FUN! Now go be about it…. 1


  18. they rather have that kid in the street, and not being able to support his family…

    let it go, folk…

  19. yo, for all the trolls who think they’re dope and only peep these videos.

    Yall should come into the forum and challenge some fools, especially the dudes who are burning on FL Studio.

    what you got?

  20. My god, everything about that is just wrong. This is a perfectly clear example of why or economy is slowly be submerged in shit.

    Imagine an idiot like this, in a position of actual power, CEO of a corporation. Not only do things of course go down the tubes, but the government provides funding to keep these sort of people going.

    This isn’t hip-hop people, hip-hop has NOTHING to do with making money, if you think it does you really need to re-align your priorities in life.

    Stop rewarding laziness, ignorance, and just downright stupidity and this world will be a better place.

    It is nice to see that my suspicions are completely accurate though, I thought it was just an act, but no, there actually is a person out there that has completely lost touch with any kind of reality.

    I can’t wait until this guy is forgotten, I give it 2 months.

  21. Ya need to stop the hating. On The Real man. Soulja Boy has his own swag that alot of fans love and stuck with. He didnt just make a track and blow up. He been pushin SOD Money Gang before He even Got signed. Everyone in Hip Hop doesnt have to sound like lupe and kanye and big L. Thats what makes an artist an artist and people in groups dont even sound the same. He has his own styly not sayin that everyone gonna like but come on he put his work in. He stackin paper while ya cryin and fussin. I wouldnt even say his music is hip hop, ILL say its club genred music. He not doin it for the grown folks hes doin it for the teens and kids anyways. the niggas only like eighteen.

  22. Its embarrassing when I say to people, I love hip hop and they think of this as Hip Hop. This is not Hip Hop. The kid is SO wack, but most of the shit that gets pushed by the major outlets now a days is. I feel like I just lost some brain cells watching this idiot. I know he’s just a kid, but damn he’s wack as fuck.

  23. Man wow. really? im happy for him making money and everything but really? dood can’t even stay on beat or let alone play the rugrats tune right but he does understand the way to make a a catchy record. super minimalistic but it works. it hurts me watchin him making a fool out of himself over the net but he got lucky and made it…somehow.

  24. Funny thing about this video is that he really thinks that his songs are classic’s. All those beats are ABC beats or 123 beats. There isnt nothing or ever going to be anything special about his music. And im not hating he is what the corp. labels are looking for. And he isn’t really hip hop and he knows this.

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