J Dilla Month/Happy Birthday Tributes

Well, today is J Dilla’s birthday.  I highly encourage everyone to take a moment, pull out your favorite Dilla production, and appreciate the masterful work he performed behind the boards.  Also check out some of the other things happening on and off the net. Andy Brown pays a happy birthday tribute to J Dilla with … Read more

Black Milk, Elzhi, DJ House Shoes On J Dilla + Detroit Hip-Hop

A must see interview for production fans… Black Milk, Elzhi, and DJ House Shoes provide an interview discussing Tronic, the Detroit music scene, the origins of Dilla’s distinctive production style and the influence he held over other regional producers.  DJ House Shoes, Black Milk, and Elzhi also address bandwagon Dilla fans, opportunistic tributes, and other … Read more

J Dilla Leaks Cause Estate To Suffer

Part retrospective/part anti-piracy plea, L.A. Weekly drops an article covering the production history and legacy of J Dilla while giving a glimpse into the legal and monetary difficulties caused by unauthorized internet releases.  It touches on the some of the compilations that have popped up and even the unreleased Pay Jay album.  Probably the most … Read more