Hip Hop Rap Samples

Sebastian Wellendorf – Classic Breaks & Samples

Oh yeah… my man Sebastian Wellendorf is showing some serious love to digging and production culture.  Check out his site and catch an earful of dope breaks, samples, and videos.  Definately worth a few looks. Check out Sebastian’s Site

Janne Suni Sample Jacked by Timbaland?

Here’s an interesting video alleging that Timbaland stole to beat for Nelly Furtado’s "Do It" from a Finnish Artist named Janne Sunni. I’d be curious to hear opinions, but it does’t surprise me that Timbaland was sampling or that an artist may have not gotten paid. However, I didn’t expect him to be checking those … Read more

100 Breaks Vol. 2: Book of breaks

Released: April, 2007 So it’s been a little since I dropped the original 100 Breaks mix.  Actually been over a year since I’ve dropped anything significant, which is way too long.  Can anyone believe that the latest installment of the in the series has been has been completed, yet unreleased since October ’06!?? To tell … Read more

More Hip Hop Samples For Your Ears

Now that we have become acclimated to the New Year and I’ve finally established the habit of consistently writing ’07 on my car payment checks, it seemed like an appropriate time to do another sample drop.  Here are a few now classic Hip Hop samples that I’ve been rockin lately and the groups that have … Read more

The 30 Greatest Hip Hop Drum Breaks & Samples of All Time!

I absolutely love lists. I make lists for things that I need to do when at home, on my way to work, at work, and even while I’m at the movies. There’s one list that I’ve been thinking of for the past three weeks and has caused me agony beyond reasonable comprehension… The top 10 … Read more

Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead Samples

The request has been made for a full album of samplese and Crate Kings has answered the call.  We now present the original samples and breaks for Nas’ Hip Hop is Dead. link-protector.com/130221/ Bill Withers – Use Me (Still Dreamin’) Carmine Coppola – Marcia Religiosa (Black Republican) Diana Ross – The Interim (Still Dreaming) Eric … Read more

Mixtapes and Lupe Fiasco Orginal Samples

It’s been a crazy week trying to finish the absolute final version of the classic Hip Hop/Samples mixtape for Science Skateboards, but it is finally done and I can get back to focusing on samples, production, and the development of the website.  Check out the revised mix and let me know what you think. I … Read more

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Samples & Breaks Case Study

Lately I’ve been thinking about the amazing and groundbreaking production on Mobb Deep’s 1995 release of The Infamous and how over ten years after its original release I still reference many of its instrumentals when looking for either  inspiration or a reminder of what I consider to be a defining example of quality Hip Hop.  … Read more