Janne Suni Sample Jacked by Timbaland?

Here’s an interesting video alleging that Timbaland stole to beat for Nelly Furtado’s "Do It" from a Finnish Artist named Janne Sunni. I’d be curious to hear opinions, but it does’t surprise me that Timbaland was sampling or that an artist may have not gotten paid. However, I didn’t expect him to be checking those Finnish record crates. Much respect.

Update: Apparently the sample’s original source was a "library included with the sid-station (synth based on the C64-Soundchip)".

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  1. It was not a vinylrecord he sampled from but a song from the library included with the sid-station (synth based on the C64-Soundchip) that he owns.

    And that you give him respect for sampling a song and *not* asking or paying the original artist is just plain wack.

  2. Thank you for the clarification regarding the original sample source. However, clearly you confused the nature of the post. As indicated by the "Finnish record crates" reference, it’s fairly obvious that we were highlighting respect for his ability to hunt samples rather than skill at alluding payment. 

    We do believe that artists should be fairly compensated and credited for their work when appropriate, especially when it comes to sampling. In this case, if as you say, this was sampled from a sound library, the appropriateness of crediting the artist may come into question.  The appropriateness of artist credit should be left to individuals, legislators, and attorneys to determine. 

    Also, it may have not been clear from the "record crate" reference above, but often, with regards to sampling, we use this term and others like it to describe not just vinyl, but numerous sound sources such as vinyl, CD, cassette, or digital.  Sample hunting and digging does not always literally take place in a crate or with vinyl.

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