100 Breaks Vol. 2: Book of breaks

Released: April, 2007

So it’s been a little since I dropped the original 100 Breaks mix.  Actually been over a year since I’ve dropped anything significant, which is way too long.  Can anyone believe that the latest installment of the in the series has been has been completed, yet unreleased since October ’06!??

To tell the truth, I had a pretty big internal debate with myself about the release.  At first I was going to press up a bunch of copies, get the covers printed, and go for broke.  Then all of a sudden something changed… the mixtape circuit when through a drastic change, readership of the site suddenly hit a spike, and I realized that it was more important for the music to be heard than it was to make sales.

As always, inside you’ll find exactly 100 original Hip Hop samples & breaks mixed together using 100% vinyl records with absolutely no reprints.  While I can’t say that all of the joints appearing in the mix are rare or difficult to find, they are all complete masterpieces of musical creation.

With that said, I hereby dedicate DJ Semantik’s 100 Breaks Vol. 2: Book of Breaks to all the loyal readers, fans, forum members, and other web sites that have shown support to us.  Hope that you all enjoy and feel free to drop me a line if you hear something you like.

1,099 thoughts on “100 Breaks Vol. 2: Book of breaks”

  1. I would like to know what the track is called and who its buy at 7min 10secs in to the mix. I know it was sampled by EPMD on ‘Rampage’. Great mix by the way!!

  2. I think the most underrated sample “The Edge” ala “Next Episode” (for those who do not know the origin of “The Edge”); should
    listen to Masta Ace’s version.

    Their version is called “No Regrets”(ever hear it?). They
    take an interview of David Axelrod from NPR, and rap a reverse homage to him through some deep lyrics; however the entire time is this Axelrod interview barely audible except for “No Regrets” which is Axelrod on the interview
    and they raise the interview voice or repeat it(I just know good music I do not pretend to make it) A first rate
    example of creativity; While allowing Axelrod not to be forgotten. In fact I think actually they are crediting him
    which is a first!

    thanks and keep it real

  3. Hi MM CEE, no its not Tramp, I know that is used on most of rampage but this track is used in the brake down part where Dj Scratch scratches “im on a rampage”

  4. I have finally found the track used on the brake down on EPMD’s ‘Rampage’ Its window raisin’ granny by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

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