Havoc MPC4000 Beatmaking Session w/ Smack DVD

Smack DVD goes in studio with Havoc (Mobb Deep) to watch him create a quick beat using vinyl, an Akai MPC4000, and a Yamaha Motif keyboard. Random Thought: Only a true MPC master can work the pads with ease while holding a lit cigarette. [also see Boola] [via HHM]

Havoc On J Dilla, Samples, Cookie-Cutter Producers

Havoc further adds to the legend of Dilla by discussing his unique skill in flipping samples and drums, his first time hearing Dilla’s work, and the onslaught of cookie-cutter producers. Notable Quote: "It’s not what you sample, but how you sample it."

Havoc + Alchemist On Akai MPC 5000 And Artistic Advice

While Just Blaze essentially rips the Akai MPC 5000 to shreds, Havoc states that he made the move and is "killing the game with it!"  I guess differing opinions make music a great thing.  Alchemist and Havoc also go on to address the difference between a producer and beatmaker, inspiration, and advice to new artists … Read more

Havoc – “I’m The Boss” Sample Breakdown

In case you didn’t recognize the sample, it was already made famous by A Tribe Called Quest for “Luck of Lucien.” That’s ok though, it’s alright if the Tribe sample wasn’t familiar… it’s also fine, and not altogether unusual, that a classic Tribe beat was redone for fresh ears. What really threw me off was … Read more

Havoc Challenges Kanye West

A tipsy Havoc offers a friendly challenge to Kanye West to see who has the best beats.  Kind of funny that he knows the track numbers, but not the names of the songs that he produced.  

Mobb Deep – The Infamous Samples & Breaks Case Study

Lately I’ve been thinking about the amazing and groundbreaking production on Mobb Deep’s 1995 release of The Infamous and how over ten years after its original release I still reference many of its instrumentals when looking for either  inspiration or a reminder of what I consider to be a defining example of quality Hip Hop.  … Read more