Sample Junkie T-Shirt By DJ Funktual


DJ Funktual just dropped a gem for dusty fingered vinyl fanatics needing to proclaim their love for samples.  The t-shirt features the proud Sample Junkie proclamation on front and a list of bona fide crate classics such as Impeach The President, Amen Brother, The Champ, Ashley’s Roachclip, and more on the back!

The shirts are available in black with white letters and range in size from small to XL and up.  Add $2 if you want XXL or larger.  $20 to the US, $30 to Canada, $35 to-UK/FR which includes shipping and handling.  Send payment along with desired shirt size to funktual@live(dot)com for ordering or more info.

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Sound Wave Chair By Matthew Plummer Fernandez


Yet another way to visually inspire your recording studio.  The Sound/Chair designed by Matthew Plummer Fernandez is made out of water-jet cut polyethylene foam and was designed to match 719 sound waves.  Of course, with the roughly $6,700 USD price tag, you might find more appropriate allocations for your recording budget.

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[via Dvice]

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Cassette Wallet Makes Money Sound Better

So maybe having dough can’t actually sound better, but at least this way it’ll be a little more fun.  Designer Marcella Foschi makes each Cassette Wallet by hand and promises a unique, one of a kind item made out of actual cassette shells.  $43 USD gets your own. [via APC]