Drumat!c 2008 Beats & Remixes Sampler (Download)

Fans of vintage samplers will want to take the time and give a listen to Drumat!c’s "2008 Beats & Remixes" sampler.  A  collection of original instrumentals, remixes, and bonuses created during 2008, each of Drumat!c’s 36 tracks were produced using using an E-MU SP1200 and Akai S950 for a distinct, classic sound.  Plenty of filtered … Read more

Crate Kings Vol. 3 – Homage To A Misspent Youth (Download)


It’s about that time… once again our loyal readers banded together and created another collection of original instrumentals.  Crate Kings Vol. 3: Homage To A Misspent Youth takes a shot at reinterpreting retro video games, movies, and TV shows.

As always, done strictly for the love, each Crate Kings volume features the original production and mixing from site readers, producers, and beatmakers who craft beats with the sole intent of pushing boundaries and playing with sound.

Download: via Megaupload or Zshare

Further indulge in Crate Kings Vol. 1 and 2

Back cover + tracklist after the jump.

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