Digidesign Finally Releases Pro Tools LE 7.4 Vista Update!

Ok so I’m about a month late with this one, but who actually has time to keep checking the Digidesign website for updates? Remember the original posts Five Lesson Learned From Upgrading Digidesign’s Pro Tools and our shared frustrations about further deadline pushbacks? Well, after months of agony and mean spirited teasing, the audio bullies … Read more

Making Beats On A Budget: How To Produce Hip-Hop With Little Or No Money

Every day I’m amazed at the new technologies and innovations offered to musicians and artists.  It’s a no brainer that audio production hardware and software become more powerful by the minute.  What makes this even better is that music production is no longer limited to the privileged few, but now anyone with a creative itch … Read more

The Top 9 Most Influential Digital Samplers In Hip-Hop History

Every time I saddle up to bang some beats out of my Akai MPC 2000XL the internal debate arises inside of me about how the greatest pieces of Hip-Hop production equipment would stack up when lined up alongside each other. Obviously, in terms of technical specifications, the latest technology with win out every time; however, … Read more

Apex Talks About Equipment, Production, and Hustling Beats

Apex talks to Real Talk NY about equipment, copyrighting, and having his beat for 50 Cent’s "I Get Money" jacked by an fake online producer. Tools of choice: Roland MV-8000, Roland VS2400CD, Yamaha Motif, Roland Fantom-XR, Reason 4.0, KRK Rokit 8, and CD recorder.  

Village Voice Remembers EMU Systems SP 1200 Drum Sampler

Hank Shocklee, Pete Rock, Ski, and Lord Finesse reminisce about the wonders and magic behind the classic SP-1200 sampler. Get out your notebooks and prepare for some production candy as these guys talk about filtering basslines with half inserted line jacks and ways to cheat limited sample time. Check The Article – The Dirty Heartbeat … Read more

Beat Phone Sampling Software for Apple iPhone

Apparently cell phone customers are on the run nowadays.  Last week I received a personal call from a Sprint rep asking me to re-up my contract for another 2 years in exchange for a $10 monthly billing credit.  Being naturally afraid of commitment, I rejected the offer and immediately began pondering what other ego boosting … Read more