Books That Every Music Producer Should Read

In preparation for an upcoming post, I’m looking to gather some info from both established and aspiring produces about what books have been the most helpful with learning equipment, sound theory, production, and the music business.  Will be great to see what everyone has been stuffing their brains with.  So please, let me hear your … Read more

Optimizing Speaker Performance In Your Studio

Electronic Musician, Mix, Remix, and Guitar Center present a free webinar: Optimizing Speaker Performance In Your Studio. Acoustic consultant Bob Hodas, responsible for tuning Abbey Road, Record Plan, and Lucasfilm, will share how to set up studio monitors, listening position, and studio treatments.  Also to be discussed are techniques for applying equalization and EQ measurement. … Read more

Digital Audio Workstation Techniques Workshop

For those in the New York area, the Manhattan Producer’s Alliance is presenting a workshop entitle In The Box: Modern Digital Audio Workstation Techniques.  The class will provide an in depth look into the art of mixing using digital audio workstations including demonstrations of specific mixing approaches and techniques using real life examples.  The measly … Read more