Books That Every Music Producer Should Read


In preparation for an upcoming post, I’m looking to gather some info from both established and aspiring produces about what books have been the most helpful with learning equipment, sound theory, production, and the music business.  Will be great to see what everyone has been stuffing their brains with.  So please, let me hear your suggestions.

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  1. ‘This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession’ by Daniel J. Levitin is a great book…

    I’ve also heard that ‘Guerrilla Home Recording: How to Get Great Sound from Any Studio (No Matter How Weird or Cheap Your Gear Is)’ by Karl Coryat is a good book, but I haven’t read it yet…

  2. Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory 2nd Edition >> Even if you’re only sampling, its good to know the basics to communicate with Musicians


    BeatTips Manual 4th Edition//its a good read in general, the interviews alone are worth buying–respect to Sa’id

  3. A good ebook I just came across is ‘Hit Theory Ebook – First Principles of Modern Hip Hop Production’.

  4. Donald S. Passman – All You Need to Know About the Music Industry

    Its a good book that describes how the industry works. Covers the roles of people in the industry, royalties, publishing, sampling laws.

  5. Does anyone know where to get the sampler’s bible or the samplers dictionary? I heard it is available in Japan, but surely we can get a copy in the states as well. Any info or a link to purchase the book would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you—-

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