Online Drum Machine = Pure Time Wasting Satisfaction

Just in case you become tired of performing productive tasks all day long, Ron Winter created an online drum machine capable of being played by both mouse and keyboard.  While there’s no sequencer included, the sounds alone are guaranteed to fill any 10 minute void of your choosing. Go play it!

Chaka Khan Plays The Drums Live

A lil’ funk throwback since everyone needs to see Chaka get busy on the drums.  Multitalented to say the least, but then again, what else would you expect from every woman?

“Soulman Plays The Breaks” – Philadelphia Beat Mission

Beat heads obsessed with drum breaks are gonna flip over this one.  Much respect to renowned crate digger Soulman for dropping this 22 minute strictly drum break segment from his Philadelphia Beat Mission samples & breaks mix.  Some of you may know Soulman from his World of Beats column & website or his over 70 … Read more

David “Fingers” Haynes Gives Another Drum Sampler Lesson

He’s at it again.  I just couldn’t resist this video of David "Fingers" Haynes running through a Hip-Hop drum medley. Once David gets past his affinity for Smooth Jazz, he gives a hardcore clinic on what drum samplers are capable of doing. Tools of Choice: Alesis HR-16B triggering sounds from Yamaha DTXTREME 2S.

300 Classic Hip Hop Drum Breaks, Samples, and Loops

For those who don’t know, hip-hop drums samples are the lifeblood of Hip Hop and Rap music.   They have been the basis of virtually all of the classic hit that you hear today.  Nowadays many producers have preferred to use more prechopped and engineered or factory drum kits, but there will always be a … Read more