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DJ Revolution: Electro-Funk & Early Career

DJ Revolution performs a live set while artist Chadwick paints in the background. ¬†Revolution then goes on to explain how he became involved in DJ’ing and his all time favorite DJ, Jazzy Jeff. This right here is dedicated to all my old school electro-funk heads. For more info from the DJ, read the Crate Kings … Read more

DJ Jazzy Jeff On His Character In DJ Hero

DJ Jazzy Jeff discusses his appearance in DJ Hero, passion for music, the possible impact that the game may have on future DJ’s.  Sitting through the forced commercial is a little painful, but it’s worthwhile if only to hear Jeff talk about his days as a "bathroom DJ." Notable Quote: "I’m very, very excited that … Read more

DJ Jazzy Jeff Home Studio Tour & Analog vs. Digital Discussion

DJ Jazzy Jeff shows off his home studio which includes the 2 inch tape machine used for recording "Summertime" and a Neve track board used during the making of Sesame Street.  Jazzy Jeff goes on to break down the differences between analog and digital along with a beat preview and DJ set demo. [via illroots]